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LQK Qurban 2024

LQK Qurban 2024

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LQK Qurban 2024!

Alhamdulillah this year LQK will be embarking in this new journey to support our LQK parents and members of public in fulfilling their Qurban ibadah. We would like to encourage you to do your Qurban with us as part of the proceeds will be used to fund the daily operations of our classes and to further improve our facilities to help serve our students better!

Syariah Compliance

The whole process of selection of livestocks, slaughtering, cleaning, packing, and distribution will be supervised by our Muslim Representative on the ground.

Date of Qurban

In order to achieve the broadest level of acceptability, we strives to achieve all Qurban by the 12th Dzul Hijjah and thus avoid any dispute regarding validity. However, due to both the numbers of Qurban received in some of the most popular field offices and the local acceptability for Qurban to be performed up to 13th Dzul Hijjah, the Qurban agency permits Qurban up to 13th Dzul Hijjah with the caveat that this is acceptable as Qurban in the locality of implementation.


Each Qurban will be entitled to an E-Certificate & report which will be given within 2 months after the last day of Tashreeq.

Registration is easy!

Do fill up the form above and ensure the name of the qurbanee is correct. We will do the rest for you! Upon completion of the qurban, we will mail you the qurban certificate to your doorstep!

For futher enquiries, do drop your questions via whatsapp to +65 8833 2407.

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